A “Balanced” Media Diet

Over at Wired, Steven Leckart redoes the Food Pyramid for a “media diet” totaling nine hours daily. Click through for the full-size image. (Link via Dan.)

The proportions between different types of media were foreign to me (I guess I free up relatively more time for gaming by skipping Facebook), but the sum total kind of blew my mind. Perhaps the combination of research, writing, and teaching has thrown off my notions of how much free time normal people have. Do people—or even just the kind of geeks who’d be reading Wired—really spend that long consuming media for pleasure every day?

2 thoughts on “A “Balanced” Media Diet

  1. I find it strange that they separated “gaming” from “entertainment.” I suspect the numbers are pretty accurate. Many of us spend hours at work doing these things without even realizing it, and then we go home and repeat.

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