Hi, I’m Jason Tocci. Geek Studies was once my academic and professional blog, maintained as part of the research for my doctoral dissertation, Geek Cultures: Media and Identity in the Digital Age (now available for free download in its entirety). The site is inactive now, but preserved here on WordPress.com as an artifact of that research—and to make sure the links I cited keep pointing to active pages!

Geek Studies was originally founded to present observations and commentary about traditionally/stereotypically geeky media and culture, with periodic updates on the progress of my dissertation. Several of my interviewees expressed interest in being kept up to date on my project, and a couple specifically suggested setting up a website so that people could follow along and offer feedback. Thanks to such feedback, I found that “ethnographic blogging” had useful implications for multi-site, multi-method ethnography all its own. 

There’s a lot I would change about the actual content of these posts if I were still in the business of academic blogging. There’s a lot more to say—and thankfully, that’s being said by others more qualified than I—about the intersection of race, gender, and class with geek identities. Still, I hope that these archives might be useful to readers and researchers going forward.