The Joys of Disruptive Technologies

I wanted to share a quick link from the Chronicle of Higher Education about a professor who encourages students to use Twitter during class (found via Twitter, of course—thanks @zandperl!). The course, originally taught for grad students, is called “Disruptive Technologies in Teaching and Learning,” and features a live Twitter feed projected in the background so students can offer outside links and shyly-yet-publicly consider comments that may derail the discussion.

I think it sounds neat—and, much to my surprise, so do most of those offering comments on Chronicle, it seems. A former student of the class also chimed in to offer some positive reflections and a link to her course blog, which links to other students’ blogs. That should give a sense of the conversations that these technologies encouraged.

In unrelated news, I have about a dozen drafts for new posts that I am dying to complete and post, but they’re going to have to remain drafts until I push through some of my real (i.e., deadline-bound) work. Blogging is my own personal “disruptive technology,” I suppose (but usually in a good way). I expect to be posting a lot come August, the month I defend.

2 thoughts on “The Joys of Disruptive Technologies

  1. Yes and no. I mean, sometimes the old stuff works best, but introducing something new can just shake (or spice) things up a bit when things feel routinized. Using Twitter and blogs also potentially keeps people in discussions outside of the classroom, and even long after the course has ended. Also, Socrates couldn’t conjure up images of skateboarding dogs right in the middle of a debate. Welcome to the future.

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