Manliness, Post-It Style

Apparently, nobody makes fun of geeks more ruthlessly than geeks themselves:

Having trouble with the ladies? Your personality isn’t to blame, I’m sure, as the fairer sex loves it when you describe funny LOL CATS images and talk about how Ubuntu Linux would take over if people would just give it a chance. No, it’s got to be the lack of facial hair. Everyone knows that a thin goatee is the fastest route to a woman’s heart, and if you were cruelly dealt a babyface in the card game of genetics, then what chance have you got?

Japan to the rescue! Thin paste-on facial hair for the beardically-challenged, available from $15 to $28. You’ll be mayor of Ladytown in no time, I’m sure. With a winning personality like that, how can you lose? –Adam Frucci

How do I know that Adam is a geek? Well, aside from the fact that he’s writing for a major gadget blog, how many non-geeks do you know who know what the hell a LOL CAT is or can name a specific Linux distro?

Update: Link courtesy my friend Dan, who assures me that he has met Adam Frucci, who is indeed a geek, “but he’s very nice and an excellent writer.” And yeah, I expected as much—my comments on Adam’s “ruthlessness” were meant in good spirit (honest). Let this all be a lesson about how you can say whatever you want about geeks as long as you are one yourself, kind of like making fun of your own ethnic group. Also, Adam’s last name ends with a –cci, much like my own last name, so we’re practically related. (No word on whether this enables us to mock Mario or Luigi, who are technically Japanese by birth.)