Filling the Gizmodo-Shaped Hole in My Life

After that link Dan sent me today, I went ahead and added Gizmodo to my regular blog feeds, sort of as a trial run. Now I’m wondering how I managed to miss doing this sooner. I guess I figured “gadgets” were kind of beyond the scope of my dissertation, but this is much more broadly about geek culture and technology than I imagined. Just now I came across a post that begins with this priceless sentence:

“Since you’re at Gizmodo, and given our usual demographic, there’s a pretty good chance that at one time or another you wished for super powers.”

I love that. (And not just because it’s illustrative of the stuff I’m writing about regarding overlapping media use groups.)

The next post I looked at in more detail was about McFly 2015, a grassroots campaign to get Nike to manufacture the shoes that Michael J. Fox wore in Back to the Future 2. I’m sure I should have something clever to say here about the blurry boundaries between mainstream science-fiction/cult films/designer clothing, but honestly, my mind has just been blown. I guess I’ll keep this blog awhile.

Update: Wait, they have an entire category for items related to nerd furnishings? I have to step away from this before I go into some sort of ethnographer frenzy.

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