Playboy, Fanboys, and Olivia Munn

Kotaku has a post up about G4 television personality Olivia Munn’s recent Playboy shoot. Apparently Munn had agreed in advance that it would not be a nude shoot, but was pressured otherwise at the shoot itself. She did stick to her guns, though, and complete a clothed shoot as planned. Said Munn, “It ended with my publicist and the stylist screaming at each other.”

I was particularly interested in writing up a quick post about this piece because of the last few paragraphs:

Munn’s knows that part of why Playboy came calling, and was cool with her not doing nudity, is she has a fan base that’s highly coveted by advertisers. Gamers are easily separated from their dough, after all. But the positive response she’s gotten for not taking it off tells her that her fans do care. “They’re not going to say, ‘Oh, titty! Oh, that’s Olivia’s vagina, let’s go buy it!'” she said. “They’re supportive, not just because it gets them off.”

But she doesn’t worry about being typecast for the geek demographic. To the contrary, it gets her plenty of work. She’s just finished up a role in Iron Man II, and got an offer for another from producers who said they wanted someone who isn’t the kind of pedestalized-hot that Megan Fox represents.

“I love this world I am in,” Munn said. “If I could stay in this world forever, the nerd world, I’d be happy. I’ve been here for three years, and I can confidently say this is a world I feel comfortable and welcomed in.”

I thought it was really nice that she describes her fans as supportive and welcoming. Predictably, Kotaku’s comments on the article include many crude responses, though I was interested to see several people commenting that this makes them respect Munn even more. I’ll leave further commentary aside for now (must focus on more pressing writing tasks), but I thought this might be of interest to some readers here.

7 thoughts on “Playboy, Fanboys, and Olivia Munn

  1. Actually, I was hoping for a nude shoot precisely because she’s not the ‘pedestalized-hot that Megan Fox represents.’ (Oddly snarky way of putting it.) I am happy that she’s getting more film offers on that basis, though.

  2. On the one hand, I’m glad she stuck to her guns and didn’t strip off.

    On the other hand, I think the description of her “not stripping off” is deceptive – did you see the free photos?

    Her continual use of the word “vagina” and nicknames for it amused me. This isn’t specific to geekdom, but why is it that we can talk about penises and scrotums (scrota?), but we can’t talk about vaginas and clits?

  3. Scrotum is second declension (um), so you’re correct, its scrota. Though a quick trip to the etymology dictionary tells me that its a cognate of Old English scrud, which seems an unfortunately underused slang term for scrotum.

    This cover shoot seems rather strong evidence that television and gaming enthusists are the mainstream demographic of right now. This is today’s us pop culture, finestkind. Makes me wonder who I’d beat up if I were 10 years old again.

    I don’t know who this woman is really, but if I was asked by Playboy to show my scrud, I’d probably do it. But then again, I’d probably ride a unicorn as well; rare and unlikely opportunities shouldn’t be passed by.

  4. @zandperl

    Interesting photos: I wonder how she could have avoided a clever photog catching a few ‘candids.’ Unless she had contractual approval. In which case, why did the stylist enter into it.

  5. I must confess I didn’t look at the photos myself before posting this. I suppose she was specifically concerned about clothing that shows her vagina..?

    I really have nothing to offer at present on the topic of genital slang and/or unicorns, though. I’ll get back to you on that when work eases up a bit.

  6. Jacob, if I had to guess who’d you’d beat up it would probably be those slow witted football players, you know the one’s that spent all their time in the gym and hours running formations.

    Also, I’d love to hear where were got the term “boobies” from if you have a moment.

  7. I’m not so sure that it’s nerds now in a position to beat up other kids so much as that now the kids who do the beating up just also happen to play Halo (hence the teabagging incident).

    I know neither of you are actually eager to beat up kids, but I suddenly remembered that weird teabagging story and wanted to share.

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