Gary Gygax

Today I received an email from my friend Chris that Gary Gygax has passed away. The obituary Chris sent refers to Gary’s most famous creations, Dungeons & Dragons, as “the quintessential geek pastime” (with affection, I believe).

When I got home, I had four more IMs waiting for me from friends (thanks Dan, Tony, Jordan, and Jacob) notifying me of the same, and found that Z. and Lev had already written some nice words on his passing on their respective geek culture blogs.

I wish I had more to say about Gary Gygax himself, but I honestly don’t even know much about him as a figure in the gaming world. I will say, though, that while I get a lot of tips for geeky content here, it’s rare that I see so many people reacting so quickly to the same news. I suppose not everyone’s taking this news entirely seriously (what with all the “saving throw” jokes flying around), but it’s still something of a testament to the influence his work has had, both directly and indirectly, on our lives and our subcultures.

Update, especially for Boston-area readers: Pandemonium Books and Games is having a gathering in Gary Gygax’s honor, potentially this Saturday. Read more.

5 thoughts on “Gary Gygax

  1. Well, okay. I guess it’s a nerdy eulogy of sorts. And I will admit that “1d6 minutes of silence” seemed clever and not necessarily disrespectful.

  2. Lots more comments along these lines, by the way, on Kotaku. Most are quite nerdy/respectful. Others … well…

    by kreedle at 12:28 PM
    +1 day of sadness

    by Setzer IIDX at 12:31 PM
    Sounds like he critically failed his heart condition roll.

    Godspeed, oh grandfather of geeks. Hopefully you lived a good, comfortable life.

    by sariah at 12:34 PM

    Never really got into D&D, but this is still a sad, sad day. He’s influenced nerds everywhere in the gaming community, including video games.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Gygax.

    by ghnvt at 12:38 PM

    RIP geek God

    by Machete_Bear at 12:42 PM

    Roll for grief.

    Perfect 20. 😦

    by NegativeGhostrider at 12:46 PM

    Did he drop any loot?

  3. Yeah, Jason, some of those comments do border on the inappropriate, but I think that’s just our collective sense of self-deprecation kicking in.

    And Church, I can’t think of a more suitable epitaph from PA.

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