Introducing the Nork

It sounds like some sort of mutant dining utensil, but no. Genevieve sends word of an exchange between her roommate and the ten-year-old daughter of some friends. When the adult in the conversation asked where a certain band was from (who apparently appears on the Disney Channel sometimes) and whether they were new, the young’un explained that they had a couple movies out, like, a million years ago, and that you’ve got to keep up with the times if you don’t want to be a nork. A nork? Duh, it’s a cross between a nerd and a dork.

This is, I am told, a social underclass among children even lower than the nerd, which may suggest that nerd coolness is sort of starting to permeate kids’ school culture, at least at this kid’s school. Not that it’s any better for kids labeled as norks (or just dorks) to be the ones that get picked on, of course, but a potentially interesting development nonetheless.

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