Halo, Halo, Halo

Halo 3 just came out yesterday. Gaming fan sites have been abuzz with information about the game for awhile, but I feel like it hasn’t been as frequent and overwhelming as how flooded they were with Bioshock information (which seemed almost comparable with how flooded Mac fan sites were with iPhone info leading up to that launch). Anyway, two things from all this seemed particularly noteworthy:

  1. At Harvard University, the John Harvard statue dressed up as Master Chief, courtesy MIT pranksters.
  2. Excerpts of why Kotaku commenters argue that Halo 3 is (or is not) the best thing since sliced bread.

I just ordered Halo 3, so I’ll reserve further commentary for now. (And, sooner or later: reflections on Bioshock in light of its hype as formally/narratively innovative.)

Update: Genevieve sends me a couple more links about the hack, including from the MIT Hack Gallery and the Boston Globe. The latter makes special note of how MIT pranks are characterized by their “geeky spirit,” and how MIT is working to draft some ground rules for hacks to make sure they remain “playful” but not destructive. (I don’t think they’re suggesting this hack violated those rules. Had more to do with a B&E on the Faculty Club.)