Blurring the Lines Between Hipster and Geek

Due to the law of conservation of boredom, when I am too busy to blog much, Jacob putters around on the web until he finds something for me to blog. (Thanks, Jacob!) Today’s IM:

» microbrews + arcade games = not a bad bar?
» located in the fuzzy area between hipster and geek
» “even though this sounds a bit like an uber-hipster joint, the arcade games might help to give it a less self-important, murky vibe than, say, union pool. i’m looking forward to checking it out.”
» “It’s a fun bar, perhaps ‘hipster’ish… but it is Williamsburg. Much less pretentious feeling than most Williamsburg bars, because you can’t really act like hot shit playing Pac Man.”
» how’s that for gaming culture’s social position
» murky!

Quotes are from this article on the bar’s opening back in 2004, which Jacob stumbled upon after reading that the owners of Barcade are opening what will be Brooklyn’s only bowling alley. That, too, seems very aimed at the hipster set.

What I find particularly interesting here is that it’s the hipsters (not the geeks) who, in the above quotes, are described as the annoying subculture. Playing video games and bowling are apparently ironic enough to be hip, but still embarrassing enough to be unpretentious. Considering that nearly all of my free time over the weekend was spent either bowling or playing video games, I guess that makes me … murky?

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