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My main sites for researching geek culture over the last couple years have been conventions for fans and techies. This year, though, I aim to be even more of a nerdy nomad, moving between large and small events alike. This means going to local geek events, such as those for Geek Night Philly, Nerd Nite Boston, Nerds NYC, and local chapters for Dorkbot and Make. It also means attending some shows for nerdcore hip-hop acts, wizard rock concerts, and geeky performances in general.

My big question now, then, is whether there’s a handy RSS feed or mailing list out there that will tell me when I can expect such groups to come to town. If you know of any such resource, please do let me know. For now, here’s what I’ve been able to compile on geeky music that you may find interesting.

Nerdapalooza: A (postponed) music festival to feature geek rock and nerdcore hip-hop.

Rhyme Torrents: A nerdcore forum frequented by artists and fans, also hosting several compilations of nerdcore mp3s. Supposedly includes a listing of nerdcore gigs, but I’m not finding much that seems recent. Lots of other links off that page, though.

Nerdymag: Online magazine about the nerdcore scene and culture.

Also check out Wikipedia entries on nerdcore hip-hop, geek rock, and wizard rock.

4 thoughts on “Geek Music Links

  1. Also, does ‘Nerd News in Brief’ updates twice a week which include upcoming shows etc.

    Several of us over there were talking about exactly this sort of thing, and there is a project in the works to do just that. It’s been a bit delayed by RL issues, but it should be prototyped by the end of the month. Give or take.

  2. Can I come to the Philly ones? Please please tell me when you’re going; I don’t want to go to the web standards meetup alone.

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