For the Ladies

Dan took my call for links to heart, and has sent me yet another I cannot pass up: Shiny Shiny, “A Girls’ Guide to Gadgets.” Specifically, he referred me to some Pac-man accessories (perhaps knowing that I may be willing to challenge gender norms if it means getting to wear Pac-man jewelry), though that in turn led me to a Zelda map belt dubbed “Geek chic of the week” and also a post on top geeky slogan shirts. I’ve noticed that most geek-oriented shirt sites tend to offer only a portion of their inventory in “girl sizes,” so it’s interesting to see what sorts of things get pulled up by a girl-oriented geek site.

2 thoughts on “For the Ladies

  1. Hmm, I don’t know. This appears to be the same sort of mindless gadget drooling that’s offered by Gizmodo and its brethren, with a pretty pink color scheme and a slight weighting towards posts about vibrators. If this is what geek culture has decided to offer women, I can see why its a male dominated subculture.

    There’s surely a lot of woman-related technology out there, but I’m pretty sure the only way to present it is to approach it at least a little critically. Gadget blogs, with their press release regurgitating ways, don’t seem like the right way to do this.

    Then again, I’m pretty grouchy in general when it comes to product review blogs. Bah!

  2. Ok, so first I was all about the map belt because let’s be honest here… it kinda rules. The I went and saw the Zelda/Zepp t-shirt and I was smitten. I think the only work I can use to describe it is fantastic.

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