Histories of Fandoms

I’m trying to find an article or book that explains the process or timeline along which so many seemingly disparate fan groups found themselves at the same conventions and reading the same fan-oriented (even if not fan-produced) publications. An academic source would be preferable, but beyond Wikipedia, I’ll take what I can get; I’m surprised that there seems to be so little on this, from what I’ve found so far using Google Scholar.

There’s been a lot written about individual fan groups, like mainstream comic fandom, Trek fandom, and SF fandom (focusing around SF fan zines and World Con between the ’30s and the late ’70s), but I haven’t really found anything illustrating how and when these things started to overlap. Have there always been people dressed up as Storm Troopers at comic book conventions or playing D&D at SF conventions? I’m mildly concerned that I may have to write this if nobody else has yet, though it’s obviously not my strongest area of expertise. Any resources you can send my way would be much appreciated.

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  1. I’ll have to check these out. There’s a lot of overlap with the stuff I was finding in the other databases I checked, but at first glance, I think I see some more historical stuff in these than elsewhere. Thanks!

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