Miscellaneous Links for June 20, 2007

While we won’t see the Revenge of the Nerds remake that commanded a giant space at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, that doesn’t mean there’s no market for movies about lovable losers. Case in point, Sydney White and the Seven Dorks hits theaters in 2008. (Link courtesy fellow Annenberger Emily Thorson.)

Slashdot has a comment thread going about a Cool Tech Zone article on the “psychology of fanboys.” Also check out the discussion on whether scientific consensus is a threat to democracy.

And finally, Keith sends me a photo of this weirdly adorably page from the Houston Chronicle. Fortunately, the paper’s website has the whole article on the LOLcats phenomenon online, kicked off with: “Computer geeks have their own niche in pop culture. Sometimes, something crazed from that niche escapes and runs rampant among the masses.”

One thought on “Miscellaneous Links for June 20, 2007

  1. Let me tell you why that movie is a winner, right off the bat:

    John Schneider (aka Bo Duke from the The Dukes of Hazzard)
    Danny Strong (aka Jonathan the nerd from Buffy)

    and director Joe Nussbaum, who pretty much got into Hollywood on the basis of his short film, George Lucas in Love.

    That’s geek cred for ya.

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