Penguicon: Neat, But a Little Late

I’m actively looking around for conventions that I should be attending, favoring those that actually bill themselves as “geeky” or “nerdy.” This leads me to Penguicon, a convention for science-fiction and open-source programming. The web site mentions geeks aplenty, but sadly Penguicon 2008 (in Troy, MI) isn’t until April—and if I haven’t finished collecting data by then, I’m in trouble. If anybody reading this has been before, feel free to comment or drop me an email to let me know how it was.

One thought on “Penguicon: Neat, But a Little Late

  1. I attended my first Penguicon this year (2007). I’d thought of going before, but it’s a bit far for me (East Coast). However, the guest list this year was irresistable … and then they accepted my proposal for giving a presentation on Knowledge Gardening! You can check out my blog for posts about my experiences at Penguicon (I have material for more posts about it, too). I had fun and am glad I went. I’ve tagged others’ posts about Penguicon (

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