Senators Battle, Geeks Leap to Action

Game Politics reports on Sen. Charles Bishop (R) slugging Sen. Lowell Baron (D) on the floor of the Alabama state senate. This comes as a follow-up to an earlier report, since clarified that U.S. senators nearly came to blows over video game legislation.

I was going to let it pass with a chuckle and no further mention, until I noticed that the Decatur Daily’s coverage notes that Bishop “not only exposed the state’s divided Senate to the world, he also provided fodder for pundits and computer geeks”: carried the video footage, as did blogs all over the state. Early Friday, reporters who cover the Statehouse got e-mails with still images from the scene, including one mock video game cover entitled “ROCK ’EM, SOCK ’EM Battlin’ Senators.”

One nameless lawmaker who had his own verbal battles with Barron wondered if he could capture the video scenes as a computer screen saver.

All you need to do to be a geek these days is use YouTube or keep a blog. Our people are everywhere now. (Photoshopping video game covers has always counted, of course.)