Geeks Now Officially Acceptably Manly

Fellow Annenberg student Moira alerts me that Spike TV’s Guys Choice awards include a category for “Coolest Geek.” The category comes alongside other arguably geeky categories, such as “Naughtiest Cybervixen” and “Most Viral Video,” and of course more expected results such as “Most Unstoppable Jock,” “Biggest Ass Kicker,” and “Cockiest Crew.”

Incidentally, I first tried to access Spike TV’s site using Camino (my default web browser), and got greeted by one of the scantily-clad cybervixens alluded to above. (My friends tell me that this is not really a cybervixen, but just a very airbrushed photo of a woman. This has instilled me with self-doubt. Either way, vixen-like.)

I wonder if the title above should have actually read “Men Now Officially Acceptably Geeky.” I’ll get back to you on that one.

Update: Kotaku alerts me that Heroes star Masi Oka won the “coolest geek” award. I’m impressed that they did pick a pretty genuine geek: according to a recent Wired interview, Oka is constantly trying to sneak comic book and anime references into his lines, and he also programmed visual effects software for Industrial Light and Magic.

Tellingly, though, “Game With the Most Game” went to Madden NFL ’07. As Kotaku points out, “The only other contender was World of Warcraft (which, don’t get me wrong, is a popular game, but most of the award categories were geared towards the FHM genre, so I’m not sure it had a fighting chance).”

For the social and cultural researchers out there, also feel free to check out what Kotaku readers have to say about Spike TV and the encroachment of “jocks” in their arena.