Nerdy Events For You and Me

Nerd Nite is an opportunity for self-proclaimed nerds to give talks about their favorite nerdy things in a bar. The official site went for months without an update, but a new Boston Nerd Nite (on cephalopods!) was announced just a couple days after I joined their email list. Alas, it’s on the day after I head back to Philadelphia, but you Bostonians can check it out this Saturday night. Inkling Magazine has an interesting write-up on the event’s history.

As long as I’m announcing events with geek-oriented names, please also feel free to check out Dorkbot, featuring many worldwide chapters of “people doing strange things with electricity.” I caught a neat Dorkbot party in Austin during South by Southwest Interactive (featuring Tree Wave on the stage, a Tesla coil playing the Ghostbusters theme song, free issues of Make Magazine, and free beer, among other attractions), and I hope my visit to Portugal this summer coincides with a meeting by the Lisbon chapter.

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