Ranches Are Like Monasteries, But Manly

A friend referred me to a story about “Big Nerd Ranch” that seemed worth noting for future reference. Marketplace reports:

Hillegass was the head trainer at Next and Apple. To programmers, he’s kinda like Yoda, but taller. He says Big Nerd isn’t so much a ranch as a kind of zen hideaway.

HILLEGASS: Monks would retreat from the world so they could do their spiritual work, in quiet and in a community. So I didn’t think I could sell “The Big Nerd Monastery,” so we came up with the idea of the Big Nerd Ranch.

There are two things I find interesting about the “nerd monastery” at first glance, though I don’t have a lot of time to comment on either. Briefly, though, I think it’s worth mentioning that monks are known for being (a) keepers of sacred knowledge, (b) male, and (c) celibate (which might be part of what made the “monastery” concept a harder sell).

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